Why Choose Us?

Your insurance company hires master negotiators to manipulate repairs and adjust claims to their benefit, so why shouldn’t you? Choose Precision Auto Body-Tacoma’s premiere independent collision repair facility, where we take pride in perfection and are willing to fight for you to get the quality repair that you deserve.

Leave your worries at the door!

We know that an accident is never a pleasant experience. At Precision we try to make the aftermath as trouble free as possible. Our goal is not only to make you happy, but to alleviate the stress and hassle that is involved when you need repairs to your vehicle.
With your permission, we will handle all of the details during the repair, from setting up your rental, fighting to get you OEM parts, and holding the insurance company accountable for every dime, and billing them directly for the repairs. Because insurance repairs are 90% of what we do, we are very knowledgeable on each companies claims procedures.

We can help walk you through the process and we encourage any questions along the way. Our goal is not only to educate you about the claims process, but earn your trust and make you a lifetime customer. With our transparent and honest approach towards claims handling, we include you every step of the way so that there is no doubt in your mind that you made the correct choice taking your car to Precision.

Don’t be steered down the wrong path!

Don’t be tricked into going to the insurance companies “preferred shops” for the repairs to your vehicle. In Washington State, it is your right as a consumer to choose the shop that you want to repair your vehicle. Insurance companies work very hard to convince you that you may be penalized or slighted by not going to one of their “preferred” shops for your repairs, but that is untrue. We have heard of people being told that they may have to pay more, that they will not have a warranty, that they may have to pay for storage, or even get a lesser quality repair done, if they choose their own shop. None of this is true. The truth is that the insurance companies “preferred” shops are contracted to perform discounted repairs, at a discounted rate. That leaves you, the vehicle owner an outsider in the repair process. Repair facilities that are on the insurers preferred lists are not chosen for the quality of the finished product but more often for how quick and or cheap they can repair the cars. At Precision, you will get a top notch repair performed by a certified technician with the best equipment available in the world today. You will have 100% honest and transparent communication with our office staff while we fight for you to get OEM parts and the safe & proper repair that you are owed and deserve. All backed by a lifetime warranty.

If you feel you are being pressured into using a shop that you are not familiar or comfortable with, please just tell your adjuster that you are taking your car to Precision Auto Body, and we will handle it from there!